• Reitbeteiligung (Irish Tinker-Kalt Blut-Cob) in Essen - Rellinghausen
  • Reitbeteiligung (Irish Tinker-Kalt Blut-Cob) in Essen - Rellinghausen

Reitbeteiligung (Irish Tinker-Kalt Blut-Cob)


45134 Rellinghausen

ID: 1297082516




I am looking for the following:
*an Irish Tinker, Draft Horse or Cob who is slow going, courageous and mild tempered.
*I'm on foot or bicycle and need the horse to be near by Rellinghausen area.
*an open minded and kind horse owner who isn't using their horse for competitions.

My Plans:
*Start in a few months time working with a professional Natural Horsemanship Trainer.
*Train the horse to be used to carrying even weighted saddle bags on a pack saddle, hobbles and traffic.
*Late April early May take a short test run on the Ruhr Heritage Trail for a few days.
*Early July, walk the E1 (long distance trail North to South through Germany), starting near the Black Forest for 2 weeks, 3 weeks max.

About me:
*30 years experience with horses: Quarter Horses and Percherons.
*I'm originally from the U.S.
*Mild tempered, patient and courageous.
*I have already walked long distances through the remote areas of the Balkan countries.
*Animals come first. All their needs are taken care of before mine.
*When I take off on adventures, it's always with a minimal approach. I only take the basics to survive and most of the weight carried is for the animal companions.
*I do have personal references if needed.

If you find this interesting and get excited about your horse learning more, please send me a personal message and we can get a conversation started.

Thank you for your time.



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